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Welcome to the worlds craziest kicksled-race: Arctic Open Downhill

Imagine racing down an icy arctic mountainroad, on a kicksled!

In this race, you can try to be the fastest racer in three classes; men, women and businesses.

There is also an open class, where it’s all about dressing up and decorating your kicksled.

The track is 3,5 km long and the fastest racer so far reached a speed of 43 km/h. At full speed, it takes about 5 minutes from start to finish. However those participating in the open class will spend a lot more time on the ride down the mountain.

We also have a race for children up to the age of 13, in the lower half of the slope. All participants in this race will get a medal.

Admission is free for the audience, participants pay a fee to participate and can win prizes.

The race takes place in Nordreisa, northern Norway saturday february 18th 2023.

After the race, there will be a huge AfterSpark-party with great artists and winners of the race will get their prizes.

If you’re interested in more information regarding this race, please contact us at